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BY JUNE 11th - New Ohio HB 248 - Respond and oppose if you see fit

Friday, June 11, 2021 9:51 AM | Anonymous

Please review and respond as you see fit to the call for opposing testimony to Ohio HB 248 by June 11th 2021. HB 248 is seeking to alter state vaccination laws.

According to correspondence from the Ohio Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics House Bill 248, “co-sponsored by 16 House Republicans, would prohibit any of the following institutions from mandating, incentivizing, or “otherwise requesting” their employees, customers or students get vaccinated: businesses, hospitals, nursing homes, colleges, day-care centers, and insurers.

[the bill] also:

·         Prohibits a person from mandating, requiring, or otherwise requesting that an individual receive a vaccine.

·         Compels public schools, which already accept exemptions for non-medical and medical reasons, to emphasize vaccine exemptions “in the same timing and manner, including text size and font, as it provides notice of the requirements.”

·         Blocks businesses from separating patrons by vaccination status or asking whether they’ve been vaccinated.”

What you can do if interested in opposing this HB:

1.       Fill out the “Witness Slip’”

a.       Read the bullet points before filling out form

b.      Save it to your computer

2.      Write up a short synopsis on why you oppose and save it to your computer

3.       Send it to both Rep62@ohiohouse.gov and copy marnold@ohioaap.org by COB this Friday


 Cleveland, Ohio 44101

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