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CNS Impact Explained by Marcia Cornell's Artwork

Monday, May 31, 2021 7:14 AM | Anonymous

CNS Impact

Read the except from a recent email newsletter from NACNS!

Clinical Nurse Specialist Marcia S. Cornell explains what the word "impact" means in relation to her role as a CNS in the form of artwork. She was kind enough to let NACNS put this design on a few items in our store to share with you all! 

Read more about the story behind Marcia's design:

From the beginning of my career as a CNS, it had been ingrained in me that as a CNS, we work within the three spheres of influence: that we influence outcomes of quality patient care, nursing practice and system process improvement through the work that we do. At the 2018 NACNS Conference, there was much discussion about revising the CNS competencies, particularly about the word influence vs. impact. I started sketching out what the word impact means in relation to my role as a CNS. I felt it was essential to have a visual word picture to embrace the concept of impact over influence. This was the design I came up with and shared with my CNS colleagues in the form of a framed picture at the 2018 NEOCNS fall program. We wanted to highlight the change from influence to impact and provide a visual reminder to ourselves and others about the impact we have on patients, nursing practice, clinical outcomes and health systems.

By having this as a picture in your workspace, may it generate conversation regarding your CNS Impact and assist you in advocating for the role of a CNS.

Thank you for all of your impact and advocacy.

See the artwork here: https://www.cafepress.com/nacns/17259498 

 Cleveland, Ohio 44101

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